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June 25, 2013

Stack parking to free Vikas Marg

To reduce traffic congestion on Vikas Marg, often caused by the lack of parking space on the stretch, the Unified Traffic and Transportation Infrastructure (Planning and Engineering) Centre (UTTIPEC) has proposed multi-level stack parking sites (see picture) along the stretch and limiting on-street parking to under two hours.

"The Public Works Department (PWD) has been asked to work on a detailed project report to [decongest] Vikas Marg. Specific areas where stack parking sites will come up along this stretch have been identified. These parking sites will be connected to corridors for non-motorised vehicles and pedestrians," UTTIPEC director Ashok Bhattacharjee said.

PWD will be asked to hire traffic marshals to implement this plan. More buses will ply on this stretch to encourage people to use public transport. UTTIPEC has also proposed removal of encroachment by second-hand car dealers and hawkers along Vikas Marg.

On-street parking will be provided beyond 300 m from the Metro stations on the stretch, but will not be allowed beyond two hours. "Short-term parking for vehicles will be made very expensive, to discourage it," Bhattacharjee said.

Vikas Marg and other major zones within 500 m of Metro stations will be re-designed, with amenities for pedestrians, non-motorised transport and public transport users.

"Parking management zone will include all roads located within 500 m radius from Laxmi Nagar, Nirman Vihar and Preet Vihar Metro stations," he said.

Three proposed parking management zones have been proposed in this area. For off-street parking, the first zone will include Lalita Park, DDA land and the Laxmi Nagar DDA Seed Bed Park. Zone two will have V3S Mall and district centre, while zone three will be Preet Vihar district centre. "On-street parking will have provision for 115 cars, while off-street stack parking will substantially increase the number of cars in the same area," an official said.

Source: The Indian Express, Delhi Edition, 25.06.2013