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July 11, 2012

UD ministry wants pedestrian facilities near Metro stations

Express news service

The Urban Development Ministry has told the Delhi Metro to ensure bicycle stands and proper pedestrian facilities along Metro stations under Phase-III. This has been proposed to ensure proper last mile connectivity from the Metro stations, said UD officials.

“We have asked the Delhi Metro to have bicycle stands near Metro stations as part of Phase-III of the project. Also, the civic agencies should work with Metro to have proper non-motorised vehicles and footpaths on all roads in the city. Delhi Metro has assured us that they are working on this,’’ said a UD official.

The ministry also wants all the Metro to generate funds and cut dependence on loans and budget allocations “Depots need space only on the ground floor, so upper floors can be used for hotels,etc. These places will also be close to city centres and have ample parking,’’ said a senior UD official.

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