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August 9, 2012

10 road projects to pave way for growth

NEW DELHI: All corridor improvement plans have to address government policies of equitable distribution of road space for all kinds of road users - and has to focus on movement of maximum number of people, not vehicles. With this mandate, the state government , PWD and planning body UTTIPEC are working out the terms of reference for 10 future projects that have been proposed by PWD.

These include the corridor improvement of Mathura Road from Ashram Chowk to Modi Mill flyover, elevated road on new Rohtak Road and Pankha Road, among others, said officials.

In a meeting with PWD minister Raj Kumar Chauhan , principal secretary PWD and PWD engineer-in-chief and UTTIPEC director Ashok Bhattacharjee on Tuesday, the 10 projects proposed by PWD were discussed. "We wanted to consult UTTIPEC before the feasibility study of projects to iron out differences of opinion beforehand. By bringing UTTIPEC on board , we hope this will help reduce any delay ," said Chauhan.

UTTIPEC has advised PWD to consider areas in totality , and different urban development projects in relation to each other. For instance , some of the projects are planned for areas near Metro phase-3 influence zones . "Instead of focusing on single-point interventions like a flyover or focusing on small areas, we will ask consultants to take entire corridor into consideration. The plan for corridor improvement of Mathura Road from Ashram chowk to DND flyover has been extended to Modi Mill flyover as suggested by UTTIPEC," Chauhan said.

Similarly, proposal for an elevated road on new Rohtak Road will contain the feasibility study till Liberty cinema, said officials. For Peeragarhi chowk, the feasibility plan will take into area extended on either side. The corridor improvement plan for Najafgarh road and Pankha road have been clubbed as well.

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