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August 17, 2012


Get ready to pay more for parking your car in authorised parking lots in the city.
Lieutenant Governor Tejendra Khanna (L-G) on Thursday gave in-principle approval to increase parking charges substantially.
Sources said the L-G asked all stakeholders to formulate a proper policy to check the number of private vehicles, which are growing at a steady pace.

According to the new proposal, motorists will have to pay R30 for the first hour and R40 each for every subsequent hour to park vehicles.
Sources said the agencies concerned had been asked to send their final suggestions. Once they all give their approval in writing, the charges would be increased.
In a high-level meeting attended by Delhi chief secretary PK Tripathi, transport secretary R Chandramohan, heads of the four municipal bodies, EPCA chairman Bhure Lal, traffic chief Satyendra Garg, Khanna said the parking issue should be streamlined and asked agencies to draw a consensus.

The agencies also proposed to make it mandatory for people to declare parking space while buying a new car. Officials said countries such as Japan have made it mandatory for car buyers to declare parking space.

Source: Hindustan Times: Delhi Edition, (17.08.2012)

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